Getting to Know Graham Moore, Chairman of the QNET Educational Advisory Board

A professional speaker, facilitator and executive coach specialising in leadership, sales and customer service, Graham Moore is a thought leader in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, authoring several published articles in this field. He has over 20 years of experience in developing sales professionals in diverse industries.

He speaks for and about life-long learning, not just as a trend in today’s education sector, but as something advantageous that can definitely affect one’s life. Because of this, it should not come as a surprise that Graham is also a Global Certified Master for The Leadership Challenge, one of the world's most widely recognised leadership development programmes. Also because of his passion for his craft and commitment to learning, it should not come as a surprise, too, that he has personally delivered training to 45,000 individuals in over 20 countries on five (5) continents in the last 23 years.

About 40 years ago, Graham first became involved in direct selling. That was the beginning of his journey with the first independent organisation to provide international accreditation and education for the Direct Selling Industry. This was marked by his appointment as the president of IDSEI.

And it could not have been a better fit. IDSEI, or the International Direct Selling Educational Institute, is the only licenced international institute that offers globally recognised trademark certification programmes on direct selling and network marketing, programmes that Graham Moore, as well as many other field experts, certainly believe in. This organisation is a beacon that provides direction, education, credibility and empowerment needed to continuously build confidence within the direct selling community.

IDSEI's virtual centres of excellence are the mentoring and supporting home of professional direct sellers across the globe. It is driven by its devotion to creating believers in the direct selling practice through providing learning that is easy, continuous and accessible.

Graham Moore has been working with qLearn since our early days. Up until now, he continues to play a crucial role in the development of learning for all in the worldwide direct selling industry - now, especially so for QNET.

QNET, through qLearn, has taken a more active role in learning and developing for direct selling by offering the Certified Network Marketer (CNM+) course. This course was curated by IDSEI to help direct sellers a comprehensive knowledge base and a powerful skill set they’d need to become a successful and ethical network marketer. The course comes with an official completion certificate that comes not just from qLearn but from IDSEI as well.

In September, IDSEI honoured qLearn with an IDSEI Award at the V-Malaysia 2019 stage, an acknowledgment for QNET’s contribution to education and advocacy of professionalism in the direct selling industry. And who better present the award but Graham Moore himself.

qLearn (QNET) Awarded by IDSEI

At V-Malaysia 2019 in September, Graham Moore, the president of the International Direct Selling Educational Institute (IDSEI), went on stage to present QNET with an award for our contribution to education and advocacy of professionalism in the direct selling industry. In other words, for qLearn!

The IDSEI is the most dedicated and only licensed international institute to offer a globally recognised trademark certification programmes on direct selling and network marketing. They, like us, provide our fellow direct sellers with the education and empowerment we as a community need to practice our business professionally and execute each step with confidence.

The Certified Network Marketer (CNM+) course in the QNET eStore is from the IDSEI. So, if you haven’t taken it, what are you waiting for?

During his speech, Moore shared with us the current trends regarding the education sector and life-long learning. He discussed how online courses and e-Learning allow for so much more personalised learning options and on-the-job flexibility. Given the specificity of the subject matter at hand and focus within each course, obtaining micro-credentials has proven to increase learning effectiveness, making e-Learning the global trend it has become today.

To cap off this session, V Partner Donna Marie Imson-Lecaroz, Director of International Operations J. R. Mayer, IDSEI president Graham Moore and QNET Category Manager for Online Education Berni Gaksch also presented certificates to recent qLearn Graduates, who marched onto the stage proudly.

As dedicated learners yourselves, make the most of each course we offer, as they are designed specifically for you. Download qLearn and start a course today!